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Electric gate valve

Electric gate valve

Electric gate valve
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Update Time2022/7/7
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Short Description:

Electric gate valve is a widely used valve, which is mainly used in the analog volume regulation of medium flow in the pipeline of liquid, gas and air system. It is AI control. Electric valves can also be used as two-switch control in the control of large valves and wind systems.

Product characteristics

1. Compact structure, reasonable design, good rigidity of valve, smooth passage and small flow resistance coefficient.

2. The sealing surface is made of stainless steel and cemented carbide with long service life.

3. Flexible graphite packing plate, reliable sealing, easy and flexible operation.

4. Driving modes include manual, electric, pneumatic, gear transmission and structural forms; elastic wedge single valve, rigid wedge single valve plate and double gate type.

5. It is widely used in oil products, water and steam pipelines of petroleum, chemical industry and thermal power plants as starting and closing devices for connecting or cutting off medium in pipelines.


Performance specification

Nominal pressure1.
strength test2.
Water seal test1.
Upper Sealing Test1.
Gas seal test0.4-0.7


Nature of work:

Electric valves are usually driven by motors, which are more resistant to voltage shocks. Solenoid valves are fast-opening and fast-closing, generally used in small flow and small pressure, where the switch frequency is high, electric valves on the contrary. The opening of the electric gate valve can be controlled. The state of the valve is on, off and half on. The flow rate of the medium in the pipeline can be controlled, but the solenoid valve can not meet this requirement. Pneumatic gate valve: valve driven by compressed air.

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